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Exploring Burketown

Most people go on the beaten path, where everyone else has gone, and where there promises to be some type of reward for your visit. Did you know that Australia actually has some incredible spots that you can reach in a motorhome hire that are not well-known but that are worth your time?

One such place that you should visit while travelling around Australia in a motorhome hire is Burketown. Burketown is located in Queensland and while it isn’t as visited as some other areas in the country, there are still many reasons why you should visit this area.

As an outback township, it’s a fascinatingly unique place to visit, especially if you’re new to Australia. So, the first thing that you want to know is that it’s a tiny town. There isn’t much that you will be able to see and do as in a big city, but this is part of what makes it a worthwhile experience all on it’s own.

Boodjamulla National Park

When else are you going to be able to visit a tiny Australian town that holds nothing more than a couple of stores, a bar, school, and not much else? It’s certainly a unique place to visit, but where the real attraction lies is the nearby Boodjamulla National Park.

Boodjamulla National Park is a gorgeous place to visit with unique scenery and things to do. Gorges filled with water running through the bush with green vegetation around makes for a beautiful sight, whether you’re here to kayak or to hike. Clear fresh waters where you can kayaking, red rocks that provide a stunning contrast with the water and vegetation, and great swimming spots for cooling off in all make up the beauty that is this amazing national park, once known as Lawn Hill National Park.

You’ll also discover freshwater crocodiles in the area, but don’t worry, so far, they have never bothered people up until now. With Aborigines populating the park at Lawn Hill Gorge, this is truly an iconic spot in the country and one that holds important significance.

There are waterfalls known as the Cascades, which make a great spot for your social media photos. If you’re hoping to get some view of the gorge, head on over to the Duwadarri lookout. Constance Range also provides panoramic views of the area as well.

More To See, More To Do

Burketown also has hot springs and is a place where you can go fishing for the Barramundi or King Salmon, making this area a favorite spot for many a fisherman. As a land that is home to Aboriginal people, you’ll get to learn more about the native culture in the country.

Something else that is very popular in the area are 4WD tours. These tours allow you to see the landscape and nature in the area, without you having to worry about hiking or trekking the area, if that’s not your cup of tea.

The following are some of the notable things to know and visit while in the area of Burketown:

  • Riversleigh Fossil Fields: This World Heritage Site is not your typical site that will demand your sighs of wonder but it is certainly an interesting place for paleontologists and history buffs alike. There are amazing fossil deposits here and is in fact very important in the world of paleontology, thanks to the fact that it is the richest deposit in the world for mammal fossils.
  • Frederick Walker’s Grave: If you love history and want to find out more about the history of this area, you’ll want to visit Frederick Walker’s grave. A man who explored the Gulf and made accurate maps for many to follow, he is an iconic part of the history of this region of Australia.

In Conclusion

Many people visit Cairns for the Great Barrier Reef or Sydney or Melbourne for the fun city lifestyle. Not many people head this way if they don’t know why it’s so important in Australia’s history and culture.

If you’re someone who likes to do things differently than the rest, this is a great spot for you to visit. From the national park to the small town itself, there is aA unique kind of charm in this area for the traveller who loves to see the heart of a place.

It may not be the kind of destination for the beach goer or the scuba diver who wants to see shipwrecks, but it’s an ideal location for the person who wants to know more about the history of the region and visit unique Australian landscapes.

Are you ready to do something new? Pack up your motorhome hire and head on over to Burketown. Yes, it’s not your vacation destination that a beach in the Caribbean would be, but the bush and the local people will be more fascinating than you would think.

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