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How to Save Money During Your Copenhagen Trip?

Some tips to follow when you are on a trip to Copenhagen to save you some bucks. Thank us later.

  1. Go Orange

The Danish rail system has cheap tickets offered online on a website named orange tickets. They can only be attained on their website and then you have to print the tickets before you board the train. These tickets provide cheap seats which is a third of a cost of what you purchase at the railway station.

  1. Get a Copenhagen Card

If you are planning to visit a lot of sights, using a lot of public transportation, or traveling with kids aged under 10, then get a Copenhagen card to save you some bucks. It gives you free access to more than 70 museums, discounts at shops and cafes, and free transportation in the entire city. This 24 hour card will cost you 380 DKK and the 72 hour card costs you 635 DKK.

  1. Cook your meals

The restaurants and cafes at Denmark are not cheap at all and since the Danish food isn’t seeking to win any kind of culinary award, so it is always better to cook your own food.

  1. Refill your water bottle

The water in Denmark is quite safe to consume and is strictly held to very high standards. So, skimp on purchasing the bottled water and refill your water. You will save some money and the nature at the same time.

  1. Eat cheap on the street

If you are still keen on trying the local cuisine of Denmark, then head to the street stalls to have some hot dogs, sandwiches and sausages. The next cheapest dishes to try are pizza and kebabs.

  1. Eat at the buffet or during lunch

To try more of the local cuisine, you always root for the lunch specials or buffets in restaurants. They are much cheaper than the usual dinners, usually the half of its amount.

  1. Stay with a local or rent a holiday apartment

If you are really keen on saving some bucks, then go for apartments Copenhagen holiday rental because it comes in cheap and helps you in saving a lot of money. Make sure you book it in advance.

  1. Walk around

It is a very small city. You can walk anywhere you need to go to and you will visit the entire city in mere two hours. Save your bucks from avoiding traveling in taxis and have a nice stroll along the parks and canals.

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